Our growth trajectory

Back in 2007, NAOS Marketing started as a consultancy office with 10 employees, thus paving the way for additional pieces to a successful puzzle. The company grew steadily to become over the years a successful company with a 1,500 staff base.

NAOS Marketing consistently strives to provide its customer a unique experience instilling Excellence and Innovation in our services.

_0013_Growth Trajectory

In 12 years, our formula has helped us grow from 10 to 1,500 people who work across 2 offices in Cairo and in Barcelona.

In 12 years, our formula has helped us grow from 10 to 1,500 people who work across 2 offices in Cairo and in Barcelona.

What does NAOS Marketing mean?

The NAOS is the name of the inner chamber in sanctuaries in ancient Egyptian temples. We place our clients and their customers at the most sacred place within our company. They are center-stage and benefit from an unfailing chain of support.


Our Mission

Our raison d’être is to provide the highest quality standards with the adjusted prices allowed by our offshore/nearshore position. We add value through adapted and tailored solutions to our global and top brand clients, guaranteeing them the best possible Return-On-Investment.

_0009_Mission and Vission

Our Vision

In the innovative world of business, our vision is to become one of the main key players in the sector of international contact centers and BPO providers in the MENA region, and the best reference in terms of quality.

Our Philosophy

Our values:

  • Quality, quality and always quality
  • We are honest, savvy, passionate, innovative and flexible
  • We always choose to empower our teams


We are always looking for bespoke and innovative solutions that will best benefit our client.


The Management Team

Nadine Barbier

Antoine Gauthier

Thibaud Weick

The Management Team

Nadine Barbier

Nadine is the CEO and founder of NAOS Marketing.

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Antoine Gauthier

Antoine is the General Manager of NAOS Marketing since 2011.

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Thibaud Weick

Thibaud brings a wealth of experiences gained in C-level positions.

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NAOS Marketing milestones

  • 2007

    Creation of NAOS Marketing

  • 2009

    Activities in France, Canada, Lebanon and in Egypt

  • 2012

    Diversification of services: multichannel customer service, inbound calls, training of insourced agents. 700 agents

  • 2014

    Opening of a sister company in Barcelona, Ateleos. Dualshore solution from BCN & Cairo

  • 2016

    Consulting for other contact centers

  • 2018

    New clients in the USA and in the International Banking sector. 1 200 agents

  • 2019

    Integration of Creative and Digital/Social Media activities. 1 500 agents