Trainings & Development

1. Trainings on management of contact centers
2. Trainings on sales and negotiation
3. Trainings on Export
4. Personal development


It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent,
but the one most responsive to change.

Charles Darwin

Successful companies realize that their employees’ talents, energies and skills drive their business success. Training is one of the main leverage in talent acquisition and retention. That is why NAOS Marketing has built and settle a network of high level French and Foreign trainers, proposing a large range of trainings, adapted to the customer relationship area, from marketing analysis upstream, to negotiation and personal development, where it is particularly required to improve customer experience.

NAOS Marketing trainers’ expertise in training and teaching has been acquired and exercised from and in the best Universities. They provide efficient solutions for continuous education, adapted to your company. Specialist in their own areas, trainers rely on tangible cases acquired by experience.They will take into account the context of your own company for a better interactivity.

Taking place in situ, trainings can be complemented by “serious games” that allow:

  • BEFORE the training: to identify the margin of progression for your employees to prepare the training most adapted to your needs
  • AFTER the training: to evaluate and reinforce the acquisition of concepts, tools or methods

In order to optimize acquiring knowledge or skills, NAOS Marketing recommends forming groups up to 15 people per session.

1. Trainings on management of contact centers

More than 10 years’ experience in managing contact centers, customer relationship and trainings to improve customer experience allows NAOS Marketing to propose customized trainings…

Often, contact centers needs in trainings aim at improving operational performances and skills of client advisors, or team leaders, or HR recruiters.

NAOS Marketing will audit the current situation, analyzing your contact center’s needs in terms of trainings, may it be specialized in inbound, outbound or mixed calls or contacts.

Below, you will find examples of trainings to develop skills:

  • Build-up an efficient script
  • Identify and recruit good profiles for your call center,
  • Settle a good remuneration/bonus motivating for telemarketers,
  • Train in legal matters linked to call/contact centers,
  • Manage with the right KPIs


2. Trainings on sales and negotiation

There is no impregnable fortress. There are only badly lead attacks.

For both B2B and B2C, trainings in sales are directed either to sales persons or to sales directors. In the first case, they empower people with the most effective multichannel sales techniques.

Trainings for sales directors build capacity in terms of team management, of scheduling of commercial tours, of analyzing statistics, forecasts and KPIs. This training gives a precious support to reach the objectives fixed by the board of directors.

Discover below examples of trainings in sales proposed by NAOS Marketing:

  • Sales techniques (by face-to-face, by phone or in a multichannel mode)
  • Ethics and legal aspects of sales
  • Management of sales
  • Building a sales action plan

You are confronted to negotiation on a daily basis, with clients, employees, administration… You wish to improve your capacity in national or international negotiation that implies multicultural factors.

Trainings in negotiation allow to:

  • clearly identify factors of failure or success in a negotiation
  • detect forces and weaknesses in defending a project
  • build a line of argument to sell an idea or a product
  • clarify, understand and use mechanisms of argumentation
  • identify the ZOPA, the BATNA for efficiency
  • understand how to shift from a zero sum negotiation or an expanded pie
  • differentiate a distributive, an integrative or a conflicting negotiation with a win-win situation.


3. Trainings on Export

You cannot improvise when attacking new markets!

To be successful on new markets, you must master some legal, financial, administrative, customs, taxes, logistic and trading techniques. To negotiate at international level, you must also know how to handle cultural differences.

Trainings on Export are not only directed to prime exporters or to new comers in this position, but they are also directed to experienced exporters.

Find below some examples of trainings on export proposed by NAOS Marketing:

  • Organizing export
  • Identify and select foreign markets for your development
  • Entry strategies on foreign markets
  • Risks linked to export
4. Personal development
A relevant program for personal development in a company can be divided in 2 main categories:

  • Programs to motivate employees and create good working conditions in order to optimize satisfaction, motivation and loyalty of employees
  • Programs to improve human capital, innovation capacity, and individual and/or collective performance (i.e. active listening, conflict resolution or management of emotions and stress).