1. Identify and segment your customers
2. Collect and qualify data for commercial viability
3. Make efficient and qualified appointments
4. Accompany your clients during their customer experience with your brand/products


NAOS Marketing provides solutions for marketing and telemarketing that are both efficient and profitable. Telemarketing is an essential link in a commercial relationship that will allow you to create a pro-active dynamic in order to contact many clients/prospects in a short period.

“The more you engage with customers the clearer things become
and the easier it is to determine what you should be doing.”
John Russell, President, Harley Davidson

1. Identify and segment your customers
To better understand a market, its main actors, to test the acceptance of a new product, to evaluate the reputation of an existing product, our marketing team proposes a market survey adapted to your needs.

To better understand your clients and prospects, satisfaction surveys can reveal causes of satisfaction, dissatisfaction, clients’ motivations and expectations. You will be able to anticipate their reaction, understand their buying processes, and optimize your targeting in your next marketing or sales campaigns.


2. Collect and qualify data for commercial viability
To generate qualified leads integrating various contact channels: mails, SMS, phone, etc.

To enrich your database, de-duplicate it, clean it and update to qualify your interlocutor. Our telesales teams are specialized in investigating and in picking-up contacts (mail, phone), behavioral data (buying habits, read magazines, watched TV programs), and personal data (job, employer, birthday, etc.).

To spot buying projects: by detecting their intentions your prospects will be classified according to their interest in your services (hot, medium or cold prospects).


This preliminary phase is essential.An updated and precise database allows: 

  • smart targeting
  • an optimal ROI for your telemarketing campaign


3. Make efficient and qualified appointments
To add new targeted appointments to your salesperson’s schedule: our teleprospectors detect hot prospects, contact them and make an appointment, respecting the tour planning of your sales representatives.


4. Accompany your clients during their customer experience with your brand/products

To receive and manage the ordering process of your customers. With a continuous service (24/7/365) our customer service representatives respond to your clients’ questions, before, during or following their order, by whatever channel: telephone (with or without a toll free number), SMS, mail or chat.

To develop a commercial relationship with your customers:

  • creating traffic towards your shops, website or event
  • proposing cross-selling/up-selling

To win your customers’ loyalty through a privileged relationship, transforming them into your brand ambassadors. NAOS Marketing can:

  • set a barometer to evaluate the evolution of your customers’ satisfaction
  • develop a specific loyalty program
  • implement a referee process to identify new prospects

To retain your clients, detecting those who abandon. Our teams identify and analyze the cause of their dissatisfaction and reduce the churn rate, with you, a promotion and/or an adapted argument.