Multichannel customer service

1. Manage your inbound contacts
2. Manage your outbound contacts
3. Manage your communities through your website or social media pages


Customer service is not a department, it’s everyone’s job.

1. Manage your inbound contacts

To bring quality answers to your clients, NAOS Marketing solutions for multichannel customer service can manage your incoming contacts by telephone (with or without a toll-free number), by SMS, by mail, by chat 24/7/365:

  • Before, during or after ordering,
  • Providing the proper information to your customers about your products or services
  • Answering your clients’ questions through the customer service
  • Processing your clients’ claims
  • Assisting your clients with their technical questions through a hotline

2. Manage your outbound contacts

Outbound contacts, and particularly telephone calls, can reach a large group of people quickly and efficiently. The challenge is to create a dialogue, an exchange and a climate of confidence with the client or prospect in order to:

  • invite them to discover a targeted promotion or to go to a special event or fair you organize
  • ensure the complete satisfaction of your clients. After an important purchase, a “welcome call“ or “comfort call” can validate the satisfaction of the client, or fix the cause of silent dissatisfaction.
  • amplify your reputation adding new qualified contacts to your mailing list, newsletters on and offline.
  • contact your debtor and proceed to debt collection.
  • broadcast messages to a large population (for example, a call with a pre-recorded message) and to collect information about prospects, responsive to your message (“if you’re interested, press 1”).

3. Manage your communities through your website or social media pages

Whatever the channel used, our customer service advisors answer your clients providing them with clear and instant answers. In line with your constraints and your editorial, our trained and responsive team takes care of your e-reputation. We propose:

  • to implement interactive solutions, particularly adapted to e-commerce websites, humanizing the relationship with your customers, reassuring them and helping them to finalize their buying process on your website:
    • click-to-call, a call button on your website that allows the visitor to reach a counselor on the phone
    • call-back, a call button to get help from a counselor, scheduling a meeting by phone
    • cobrowsing technology that allow your customers or prospect (with their previous authorization) to share their screen with the counselor in order to be guided through the buying process
    • live-chat, button allowing a chat in real time with a counselor


  • To develop a mobile application available on a smartphone or tablet, with an option to administer and moderate your 2.0 community. Your clients can easily reach an advisor or find the closest point of sale.


  • To moderate your 2.0 community, boost your network of clients through your pages on social media, forums and blogs.