Our complementary solutions

1. Consulting for your development
2. Consulting in settling a call center
3. Consulting in marketing
4. Consulting in commercial efficiency
5. Consulting for export
6. Market surveys


“Customers don’t expect you to be perfect.
They do expect you to fix things when they go wrong.
Donald Porter, V.P. British Airway

1. Consulting for your development

NAOS Marketing accompanies your approach for development, proposing to guide you towards the best customer relationship solutions. NAOS Marketing’s consultants all count with an extensive and specialized experience in contact centers, marketing, sales, negotiation and export.

After having precisely diagnosed the chosen areas of your company, the mission is to formulate clear and adapted recommendation. Moreover, our consultants can also guide in the implementation of the recommendations, either as project manager, or as an actor of the change.

Before any mission in your company, NAOS Marketing establishes objectives in a contractual framework. Methodology, means, resources, calendar and budget are set up with you in total transparency.

A consulting mission lead by NAOS Marketing offers many guarantees of quality:

  • Specialization and expertise of a high-level consultant network
  • Total confidentiality on sensitive issues
  • Personalized and tailor-made approach
  • Operative recommendation that can be concretely applied adapted to your needs and constraints

2. Consulting in settling a call center

NAOS Marketing can give you support in the creation of a call/contact center in Europe or abroad (already experiences in Egypt, Sudan, Madagascar, etc.). The company proposes you to audit the performance of inbound, outbound or mixed contact centers and to issue recommendation.


3. Consulting in marketing

« L’entreprise est élue tous les jours par ses clients »
François Michelin

Consulting in marketing aims at the continuous improvement of the organization and of the marketing department’s performance inside the company. It also can help structures that do not count with a marketing department.

In order to optimize B2B or B2C customer relationship, NAOS Marketing approach of consulting includes listening and satisfying clients, supported by precise methods. The couple “needs-solutions” is the cornerstone of its vision, decisions and actions.

Here are NAOS Marketing’s privileged fields of intervention:

Strategic Marketing and planning Marketing research and surveys Marketing Mix (5P)
  • Define and design a marketing strategy
  • Implement the marketing strategy
  • Audit the performance of marketing department
  • Segment markets
  • Evaluate the relevance of 1to1 strategy for your business
  • Position of the company on the market
  • Elaborate marketing plan
  • Deepen your knowledge of national and/or international markets
  • Know the KPIs of a specific market
  • Evaluate the brand capital
  • Segment customers
  • Analyze your clients portfolio
  • Analyse de la relation client
  • Investigate the satisfaction and loyalty factors of clients and brand
  • Analyze short/long term needs of your prospects and clients
  • Analyze your price policy
  • Audit the communication
  • Analyze the brand and advertising strategy
  • Test the user experience on your website
  • Online/offline trade strategy
  • Digital marketing strategy (emailings, social network, writing contents, SEO…)
  • Direct marketing strategy

4. Consulting in commercial efficiency

To boost your commercial efficiency, NAOS Marketing proposes its expertise in:

  • Audit sales efficiency (skills, capacity and expertise of salespersons, analysis of the order pipeline, clients’ portfolio, tours of salespersons, support sedentary salespersons, distribution network, motivation and incentive plans, etc.)
  • Draw up sales strategy (audit or design and even implement)
  • Develop sales Action Plan (audit or design, priorities, supports for sales, etc.)
  • Conquer new clients (segmentation, targeting, purchasing of databases, etc.)
  • Make your customers loyal (satisfaction and loyalty analysis and recommendation)
  • Improve sales management (people management analysis, objectives, statistics, reporting, management of resellers’ network, etc.)
  • Organize sales forces (hierarchy, management, number, tours, sedentary sales force, contact and call center, social media opportunities, etc.)

In order to boost the efficiency of your short, medium and long-term sales strategy, NAOS Marketing proposes to follow up with regular monitoring of performances, the industry and competitors research and benchmarking, etc.


5. Consulting for export

NAOS Marketing’s consultants have an extensive experience in managing export departments in various companies and sectors. They are also specialists of training on export in various countries (France, Egypt, Palestine…).

Their field of intervention include:

  • Audit for export start
  • Design of an export strategy
  • Identification of target countries
  • Analysis of financial practices
  • Analysis of export financing
  • Analysis of export techniques
  • Analysis of logistics and supply chain
  • Analysis of customs practices

6. Market surveys

“Your customers are the experts when

it comes to improving your business.
Let them help you drive your business to new heights.”

John Tschohl

NAOS Marketing is expert in qualitative and quantitative market surveys and has various and high level references in this field. Its capacity in collecting complex, international or national data and in analyzing it, allows NAOS Marketing to make:

  • Market surveys with GO or NO GO, according to the analyzed risks
  • Competitors survey
  • Opinion poll
  • Product survey (testing the concept, the positioning and the packaging of the product)
  • Notoriety and image survey
  • External communication impact survey (pre and post-test of advertising campaign)
  • Internal communication survey (employees satisfaction, evaluation of social climate, of the internal image and of internal communication)
  • Behavioral survey (attitudinal evaluation, segmentation, prospective surveys, monitoring of consumers/prospects needs)
  • Customer relationship survey (evaluation of prospects, of satisfaction – before and after intervention – loyalty survey, attrition study, media survey)
  • Benchmarking and evaluation of feasibility.

NAOS Marketing proposes strategic or operational recommendations, based on quality and objective processes. Data is analyzed through SPSS, SPAD, or Sphinx software, associated with CRM software, and with CATI or CAWI systems.