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  • RFi / Program 7 MILLIARDS DE VOISINS (may, 19th 2014)

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To be a woman in Egypt (Etre une femme en Egypte)

Meeting with Nadine Barbier, CEO of NAOS Marketing

«Harcèlement et agression sexuels, excision, lois discriminatoires, mariages forcés : selon la Fondation Thomson Reuters, l’Égypte serait l’un des pires pays pour les femmes dans le monde arabe. Le printemps arabe avait pourtant fait aspirer des millions de femmes à une vie meilleure. Pourquoi l’Égypte est-elle devenue le pire ennemi des femmes ? Comment vivent les femmes égyptiennes ? »

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  • En-Contact / Issue: February-March2013

Internationalfile: Direct from Cairo. p.44 – 46
Meeting with Nadine Barbier, CEO of NAOS Marketing

« Any entrepreneur who succeeds deserves respect. Moreover when she is a woman. Moreover when she realized this project being over 50 and in Egypt. On the 7th of March 2013 at the Quai d’Orsay, Nadine Barbier had been awarded the trophy of the French Entrepreneur abroad in the presence of Mrs Conway-Mouret, Minister of French abroad…  »

  • L’Entreprise / Issue nº 322 – May 2013

International. p.58 – 59
A French entrepreneur in the Egyptian revolution

« Nadine Barbier created a call center in Cairo in 2008 and now she employs more than 700 persons. This manager overcame the economic crisis of 2009 and the consequences of the Arab Spring revolution. She tells us her adventure on the banks of the Nile…  »

  • RFI – Le RDV des Tchatcheuses / Program of the 26th of March 2013

Reportage Alice Milot: Trophy of the French abroad with Nadine BARBIER

« French female journalists of foreign press in Paris react to the social news on the question of women in France and in the world… »

In French: Podcast  to download

  • L’Est Républicain / Online Edition of the 9th of March 2013

French News – World
Trophies of the French abroad: Entrepreneurs not like any other

« One is managing a call centre of  750 persons in Cairo, the other one is trying to rescue black rhino in South Africa, a third one opened 8 restaurants in London : they have in common a remarkable itinerary and they received the new Trophies of the French abroad… »

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