Nadine Barbier named as Brittany Economic Ambassador

NAOSians Team is proud to announce the nomination of the CEO of the company, Nadine Barbier, as a Brittany Economic Ambassador.

Logo DEB Les ambassadeurs de la DEB

That honor was given to Nadine on the 5th of August 2013, during the Brittany Economic Diaspora (DEB) day, as part of the Interceltic Festival in Lorient. The prestigious organizer, Institut de Locarn, is a think tank that bring together managers and decision-makers in Brittany. It is at the root of the association and seal “made in Brittany”.

Brittany Economic Diaspora build up a large international network that aims at connecting managers from Brittany with Bretons living abroad. Today, that network gathers 1600 active contacts around the world and 11 local economic networks for Brittany.

Like the other 2 Brittany Economic Ambassadors laureates this year, Nadine will be voluntarily committed to promote the economic development of Brittany, providing companies that want to expand internationally with her knowledge of the region, her support and dynamism