Train your teams

1. Diagnose your teams
2. Train and validate acquisitions
3. Coach your teams
4. Propose the most adapted tools and make your teams adopt them


“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands,
but in seeing with new eyes.”
Marcel Proust

1. Diagnose your teams

  • Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your teams
  • Measure the gap between the present situation and the ideal one
  • Analyze proposed solutions to reduce the gap (delay, time, budget) and choose the best alternative

2. Train and validate acquisitions 

  • Update team knowledge, upgrade their behavior, attitudes and know-how
  • Train your teams in the fundamentals and best practices of customer relations
  • Train your teams to improve their competencies
  • Train your teams in communicating perfectly
  • Ensure that the topics of your trainings are understood and put into practice

3. Coach your teams

  • Permanently coach your teams to maintain their motivation at the highest level

4. Propose the most adapted tools and make your teams adopt them

  • Use “serious games” adapted to your company that help your teams to develop their competencies in the specific steps of the professional process (for example, body language, refocusing a meeting or improving closing techniques) to give them confidence and every chance to succeed
  • Develop an e-learning platform adapted to your company to train your staff and reduce costs)