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NAOS Marketing offers various career paths for the staff, not only in the field of customer relationship, but also in support functions such as human resources and business development. Discover the different jobs at NAOS Marketing.

“Our mission statement about treating people with respect and dignity is not just words but a creed we live by every day. You can’t expect your employees to exceed the expectations of your customers if you don’t exceed the employees’ expectations of management.
Howard Schultz, CEO Starbucks Coffee

1. Customer relationship agent

The customer relationship agent deals with the distant demands of customers or prospects of the company, acting according to effective processes. These demands can be by phone, mail, email or any other channel of communication.

The customer relationship agent listens to the request, identifies customers’ needs (sales, assistance, advice, information, loyalty, diagnosis, after-sales service hotline, contact with an agent), summarizes the needs, evaluates and proposes the most adapted solutions. (1)

Among the daily activities, the customer relationship agent:

  • Answers incoming calls or places out going calls
  • Presents or identifies the reason for the call (order, sale, information, claim, assistance, etc.)
  • Resolves problems and answers questions or redirects calls to another level of information/service provider
  • enter on the database information related to the call: codes answers given and describes the result of the call
  • follows rules and processes (according to script, training book, technical product description, database, FAQ, etc.)

2. Team Leader

The team leader manages a team of around 10 customer relationship agents and assists and motivates them. The leader participates in their integration and is responsible for their operational management. Thus, he/she establishes individual and collective objectives and plans and organizes activities.

He/she respects the objectives by constantly checking specific KPIs and writes regular reports to top management on the team’s quantitative and qualitative results. The team leader is also responsible for carrying out and respecting the procedures of the company.

The team leader is the vector for information between management and the customer relationship agents and informs the team of its results.

The team leader:

  • motivates and manages a team of customer relationship agents
  • builds, optimizes and disseminates information on operational planning
  • manages team planning and anticipates events (holidays, etc.)
  • determines periods of holidays according to activity and missions
  • answers calls sent up from the team and manages difficult calls
  • ensures regular reporting to the call center manager.

3. Trainer

The trainer provides training according to the training plan of the company. The goal of the training plan is the improvement and empowerment of the skills of on-the-job agents, as well as providing initial training of new customer relationship agents.
The trainer:

  • ensures the development of individual skills of team members in the contact center
  • creates, provides and attends trainings adapted to the needs of the staff according to criteria defined by management
  • collects the expectations and needs of operational managers and staff
  • manages all logistic training issues (training books, booking of training rooms, training material, etc.)
  • carries out training sessions and provides case studies
  • develops and disseminates user guides (for software, phone contact)
  • reports on administrative follow-up of training sessions and submits it to management.

4. Quality Coordinator

The quality coordinator is in charge of applying the quality management strategy of the company, updating its processes and procedures to optimize productivity and quality of service.

He/she defines the necessary KPIs to be analyzed and the tools to analyze the performance of individuals, team sand even contact centers. The quality coordinator carries out internal audits, checks the conformity of activities to the strategy and the expected KPIs.

The quality coordinator:

  • Contributes to the development of the quality strategy of the company
  • Develops and updates the quality documentation (internal processes and procedures, best practices guides and manuals, reference documents and tools)
  • communicates on quality objectives, new processes, evolution
  • Participates in defining indicators, translating strategy into actions and following up to achieve quality: field audits, visits, evaluations
  • Develops audit reports, notes and proposals for individual or collective improvement, both in internal practices and processes.
 Sadek Magdy,  Training Coordinator

5. Empowerment of our teams

Empowerment of a NAOS Marketing team is a reality in the company. This is an example of empowerment of one of our employees Sadek Magdy, Training Coordinator.

NAOS : could you describe your career path at NAOS Marketing?
Sadek: In June 2010, I started working for NAOS Marketing as one of 50 agents. A few months later, I had my first promotion and became a team leader of 10 agents working on ALO customer data. I then worked on different projects such as the USB Up-selling and Retention Campaign. One of my responsibilities was to train new agents hired by the company. I had a passion for training our agents and, in fact, I still do. My greatest success at NAOS Marketing is when I train new agents, and few days later, they are good team members. With the expansion, I got my second promotion as a training coordinator for the Mobinil Insourcing Project and for NAOS Marketing trainings as well.


NAOS : what do you appreciate most at NAOS Marketing?
Sadek: Home is what I call this place. I have always enjoyed my work here at NAOS Marketing; it is the place where my ambitions have grown and is where I have aspired to success.
At NAOS Marketing, you don’t feel like just an employee, but you are a member belonging to a community.
I have learned a lot and I am still learning on an everyday basis, as there is something new to learn from each one of my esteemed colleagues that I work with.
Our management style at NAOS Marketing is different from any other place in Egypt; it keeps everyone in a positive mode, as it makes each employee feel valued and not just a dispensable person, which lead us to loyalty. An open door policy is what keeps our staff able to share their ideas, which leads to a professional and balanced work environment.

(1) Guide des métiers et des compétences de la Relation Client, Mission Nationale de la Relation Client, 2012.